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Shipping Cost Updates

Shipping Cost Updates

It’s that time.

We mentioned it in our previous blog post: Reopening Sale and Less Exciting News—we have to increase our shipping fees. We’re sorry!

There’s not much that’s fun about this post but—as always—we want to be transparent about changes that affect you and communicate it wherever possible. We’ll keep it short and sweet.

Shipping prices are up quite a bit. We really didn’t want to do this but the sad reality is that we’ve actually been losing money on most of our sales outside of Canada and the US because the costs of fulfillment and shipping have increased. Prices to ship to Canada and the US haven’t changed too much but our international customers will definitely feel this change the most.

All is not lost and these prices are subject to change as we work with new carriers that offer better rates. Part of the reason international shipping has increased so much is because our fulfillment center doesn’t use the same budget carrier we used to use for our international packages. The only condition we need to meet is an annual threshold of orders addressed to international addresses.

Help us help you by placing those orders—as soon as we meet the volume demands for the carrier partnership we can access those budget rates and lower our shipping fees. Tell your friends!

Head to our Shipping Policy page or Shipping Page for updated shipping info, prices, and free shipping thresholds.

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