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Our Brand New Return Portal

Our Brand New Return Portal

Our old return portal has been down for some time now. We’d like to apologize for that and thank you for your astounding patience. We have some news about our return portal, new features, and a little behind the scenes updates about the challenges.

Our old return portal, Return Magic, is sunsetting on July 6th. In its final days it started causing us a lot of problems. From label generation failures to missing import documentation, it became unusable. But with a little time we found a great solution!

Our new return portal is powered by PostCo 360 which comes with a few crucial and long awaited features.



Fully Embedded

The new portal is fully embedded so it behaves just like any other Carmico page. Gone are the days of duplicate scroll bars and awkward viewports.


In App Exchanges

Until now, exchanges were challenging for us and held a degree of uncertainty for you. We’re most excited to launch this new return portal because exchanges can now be done entirely through the app, without any correspondence with our team. All you have to do is submit the products you want to exchange, then select the products you want to exchange for. Once you submit your request, an exchange order is created for you immediately, you receive an email confirmation of the exchange order which reserves your product for you, and then you get an email summarizing your return attached with a pre-generated label so that you can ship the return package back to us.


Faster Returns and Exchanges

Anyone who has shopped from us and returned items in the past should be familiar with long return times. It’s pretty standard in the e-commerce industry but it’s inconvenient and frustrating nonetheless.

Our returns used to be held at another location for up to 3 weeks before being consolidated into a larger shipment to be sent to us. This sometimes meant returns could take up to a month to arrive at our warehouse. But no longer! Return packages should arrive at our warehouse within 3-10 days depending on the origin address. You could receive your exchange order within 1-2 weeks of submitting your return in many cases. A significant improvement, if you ask us!



Direct to Warehouse

The down side of faster returns is increased costs. We used to use a service that had a US location that reduced the cost of return labels. Unfortunately we can no longer using their services meaning returns must be addressed directly to our warehouse in Canada. This increases label costs for US returns. For original payment method refunds, the rates may surprise some of you that have previously used this refund method.


Flat Fee for Original Purchase Method (OPM) Refunds

Refunds to original payment method are (as they always have been) paid for by you. If you'd prefer a free label, you can choose store credit, exchange, or opt to use your preferred courier by selecting the “Mail” option after completing your return.

We previously charged a flat rate for OPM returns. This fee was in place to simplify the return process because customers had no other way to know how much the return would cost them until after they received their refund. Now you'll know exactly how much the label will cost before you finalize your return so you can choose an alternative method if it better suits your needs.


Simplified Policy

We previously included a lot of technical, legalese-adjacent language in our return policy to let you know exactly how things work on our end. We’re taking some of that content out in favour of a simpler, shorter policy. Most of the policies being removed were originally included for fringe cases. We found they were never needed and complicated what was otherwise a simple return system. Au revoir!


Challenges & Feedback

Some of you may have seen the portal before the official launch. We were stress testing with a small group to make sure that it was ready for a full launch.

As this is a new feature, we need your help to make sure that it runs as smoothly and effectively as possible. If you have any troubles using the portal, please contact us using the yellow ”Help” button.

Check out the new return portal here or navigate to it using our menu and selecting Returns.

A quick note about exchanges for Stargazer sweaters

We did our best to get the portal fully ready before our launch today but missed the mark. Hopefully anyone who was still hoping to return their Stargazer Sweater saw the return portal up before this. 

We've held aside a few sweaters that will be reserved exclusively for exchanges but stock is still limited. 

If you aren't able to get an exchange done due to stock limitations, please contact us so that we can reserve one for you in our next restock.

Thanks again for your patience and support!

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