Thank you to all of our lovely customers that support us! We need a little extra time to fulfill orders placed within a week of our launch dates (read more about Launch Deferral). 




Many couriers are operating on limited staff due to COVID restrictions. Use your courier's website or your tracking page to find out more about potential outbreaks and closures that might affect your delivery time.


*Orders with express shipping are fulfilled before non-express orders.*

Fulfillment is dependent on time of order. Orders will usually be shipped within 1-2 business days. Orders placed near our launch days can result in slightly longer fulfillment timelines as our small team is managing a large volume of orders. If you ordered during our launch, you may be behind many other orders as we process orders on a first ordered, first fulfilled basis.

We are working on ways to improve our fulfillment times near our launch dates but please be patient as it can take up to 3 weeks before your order is processed.



Yes! We ship all over the world. 🌎



We ship from our studio in Kitchener, Ontario! We store and pack every order in house. 💌



Once we pack your order it's processed through ChitChats' system—our partner carrier. This means the order is packed and ready to leave our studio! USA and International orders will read "Label Created" until your order crosses the border, where they are transferred to the respective carrier. 

If you purchase during our "off" seasons, it may take longer for you to get tracking updates because we reduce our pickup frequency. This helps to reduce overall costs which keeps our products more accessible. It also reduces the number of trips made by our pickup carrier, reducing our carbon emissions!



For sure! We've created this Size Guide page to help you find your perfect fit. The sizes do run small but the size guide is accurate to the garment's actual measurements. If you're still unsure, feel free to email us for advice from one of our friendly customer service staff! ⭐



Oh dear! Sorry that your size didn't work out for you. 😔

Head to our return portal to get started on your return. You can also request an exchange through the return portal.

If you need more information about returns and refunds, review our Refund Policy



We make sure to check every item thoroughly before sending them off to you, but it's possible for damage to slip through or for it to happen in transit. Please send us an email with photos of the damage so we can fix this for you!

If you need more information about returns and refunds, review our Refund Policy



As of November 2021, we have added restock notifications for out of stock products! Look for the "Notify Me" box under the variant options on the product page. 

Additionally, all restocks are announced on our social medias. Join our Mailing List (you can find it in the bottom right corner of this page's footer; look for "Let's Keep In Touch"), or follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated!



Unfortunately, PayPal has a history of withholding money from small businesses when they suddenly gain traction, as we have! To ensure that we get to keep the money we make from our sales, rather than have PayPal keep them for an indeterminate amount of time, we have decided to refrain from using PayPal until they fix this issue.



Every Carmico order shipped in a mailer is now also packed in a reusable, Carmico branded drawstring bag! Please don't throw them out! They can be reused as gift bags if you don't plan to use them for personal use. ♻

All black mailers are fully compostable (including the transparent seal)! Throw them into your compost bin worry free. For cardboard boxes and paper envelopes, recycle them with your other paper waste or reuse them!



It's beyond flattering that you'd like to start a business like Carmico! The fact that we can inspire others to create is what keeps us going every day. Selina plans on making free YouTube videos on this very soon. When she does, they'll be linked here! Stay tuned on our social media~



While we appreciate your love for Carmico pattern designs, there are many reasons why it doesn't make sense for us to add printed fabric to the growing list of Carmico goods. The three main reasons are:

  • it jeopardizes our relationship with our manufacturers
  • there isn't enough demand to justify ordering and stocking rolls of fabric
  • it would change the nature of our business (tax and legal stuff 🤕)


Stay confident about your purchase and informed about the status of your order.

We charge a flat rate of $5 to mainland USA, $10 to Canada, $15 to the UK and Ireland, and $25 to the rest of the world.

We offer free shipping on orders over a certain value. Orders to the US and Canada are eligible for free shipping for orders over $100. All other countries are eligible for free shipping for orders over $200.

All costs listed above are in CAD.

Express orders are processed and shipped within 1 business day. DHL collects packages from our warehouse around 1PM EST. If you haven't received shipping confirmation within 2 business days of your purchase please contact us at

Orders are fulfilled within 2 business days. If you have not received an updated email notification with tracking information, please contact us at

Barring unexpected delays, most packages deliver within the following timeframes:

 Country Timeframe (Days)
US (Mainland) 3-10
Canada 2-12
UK & EU 5-20
The Rest of the World 10-45

If your package has not been delivered within the timeframe listed above (from the ship date, not the purchase date), please contact us at so that we can help resolve the issue.

The party responsible for the error will also be responsible for the additional cost of shipping.

If we made the mistake: sit back and relax. It's on us! We will happily reissue or intercept your order with updated address info as soon as possible.

If you made the mistake when entering your address during checkout: we must send you an invoice for additional shipping. Get in touch with us and we will send you an invoice with a charge based on your region's shipping rates ($5-$25 CAD). Our free shipping service does not prevent additional shipping costs.

If the carrier made the mistake and delivered your package to the wrong address, contact us immediately. We also recommend contacting your building management if you live in a shared building.

Please contact us at Send us pictures of the damaged goods and the damaged package along with your order number.

If your package has failed to deliver, please contact the carrier responsible for delivery as soon as possible; the carrier should be able to help you reach a resolution.

Failure to deliver can be caused by (but not limited to) any of the following reasons:

  • The address you provided at checkout was invalid or incorrect.
  • The address is new and the postal service's system has not been updated with the new address.
  • The carrier has lost your package.
  • The carrier has delivered your package to the wrong address.

Contacting the carrier responsible for the delivery of your package can help solve common issues (like delivery to wrong address) much faster than contacting Carmico.

If the carrier cannot provide a solution for you, contact us for more information.

Other than the business relationship we have with our shipping partners, we do not have any connection to the shippers and hold no power over their process. The Carmico team cannot make changes to information, reroute, or cancel shipments that have already shipped.

If you suspect your package is lost in transit you must contact us after the specified times based on delivery address below:

  • U.S. - 21 days from the ship date*, 45 days if shipped to APO or FPO addresses
  • Canada - 21 days from the ship date*
  • International - 45 days from the ship date, 60 days if shipped to an address in Italy

For packages addressed to North American addresses you must contact us before the 45th day from the original ship date.

For packages addressed to anywhere outside of North America you must contact us before the 90th day from the original ship date.

Claims submitted later than the provided dates will not be eligible for replacement or refund.

If you would like to file a claim sooner, visit the carrier's claims page on their website to file a claim with the carrier.

See also: Shipping Policy


Not satisfied? Don't worry, we'll do what we can to make things right!

Visit our return portal to initiate a return within 90 days of the ship date.

Once you have submitted your return through our return portal, you will receive an automated email with instructions for preparing your return package.

Return Tracking

Fully tracked: Returns sent to our Canadian address

Partially tracked: Returns sent to our NY address will be tracked until the package reaches the US address. It will take 2-3 weeks for us to receive the package after it has arrived at the US address.

Our shipping partner handles international returns for us. International returns are consolidated over a 2 week period before they are released to us. This means that you may not see an update on your return for up to 4 weeks from the date that you shipped the return package, depending on where you shipped from.

You will receive an email notification once the return has been processed. Please allow up to 5 business days to observe the refund deposit before contacting our support team about missing funds.

Note that if the product is not defective but returned in unsellable condition (damage caused by the customer) we will not issue a refund for the product. We will arrange a shipment for you to retrieve the returned items.

All of our items labelled final sale are yours once you have made the purchase. You may cancel your order on final sale items before your package ships or within one week of purchase, whichever comes first. After that, you're committed to ownership. We will not allow returns on final sale items under any circumstance.

We expect that any items being returned are returned to us in a condition that the average customer would consider acceptable for purchase. It is reasonable for you to try on the item to ensure that it fits comfortably but excessive wear is risky. Items are not resalable if they are physically damaged (see the glossary definition for "damage" in our Refund Policy), show signs of use, or are labelled final sale at the time of purchase.

We will accept the return of all defective products if we deem the product unfit for use. We will offer a replacement item at no additional cost. If you don’t want a replacement, we will issue a full refund to the tender type that you used to complete the initial purchase.

Items that are tampered with will not be refunded.

We're all human over here (no robots allowed) and sometimes we make mistakes.

If your order contains a product you didn't order or is missing a product that you did order, contact our customer service team for a resolution. We can't expect our customers to return items they did not order so as a general rule, anything you get in your package you are entitled to keep.

If an item was sent to you in place of an item that you ordered, we will send the missing items to you in a new package, free of charge. We will be accountable for all of the mistakes that we make and will do our best to make things right.

If there is no other way to resolve the issue, we will issue a refund for the missing items.


See also: Return Portal, Refund Policy


We do our best to be sustainable but we also know we're not perfect. If you have suggestions for how we can do better we’d be happy to hear them!

Most of our apparel goods are 100% cotton unless otherwise stated and we are moving away from animal-based materials like Wool in favor of plant-based fibers! TENCEL Carmico apparel is on the horizon.

We use compostable (and re-usable) mailers made from food waste gathered during the processing of corn. It's all made by our friends at TishWish!

Our tissue paper is from noissue where they use soy-based ink for an environmentally friendly, bio-degradable product.

Carmico almost exclusively uses natural products and everything in your order should bio-degrade including all of the packaging. Unfortunately, the only exception to that is the cellophane package that our apparel products arrive in. We have requested to have our products shipped without the plastic but due to health and safety regulations (especially during COVID) that is not possible.

For bigger orders, we use recyclable cardboard boxes and recyclable paper tape printed with soy-based ink, also by noissue!


It's our top priority to keep everybody involved with Carmico as happy as possible.

Our team members and the people employed by our manufacturers are all paid living wages. Our manufacturers are audited for safe workspaces and ethical treatment of their workers.

The materials and final products for our hats, sweaters, and shirts are all manufactured in China. We have done our best in our search for ethical sourcing to ensure fair treatment of the workers (we do not and would not ever use sweatshops).

The companies we use send us pictures of working conditions, progress updates, and other evidence that makes us confident that they are not mistreating their workers. They are also certified by Alibaba which is a strong indicator that they are doing things right. There are significant repercussions for abusing that certificate and the policies related to achieving it.

We have been looking for alternatives to Asian manufacturers but there really aren’t many options. Almost all fabric is milled overseas, even if the garment construction is done elsewhere (a lot of companies will get the minimum amount, about 10%, of manufacturing done from a national company to get the made in [?] stamp).

We are working with a new manufacturer for the summer line. They are based in Bangladesh but facilitated through a Canadian company. We have scoured North American manufacturing options but we would still have to ship materials from foreign countries; the extra shipping would be a tick off the sustainability checklist. Maybe some day we’ll be big enough to start our own, home-grown manufacturing business that does it all in Canada... Some day. 🤞 

See also: Terms of Service



Still have questions? Feel free to email us or click the ❔ at the bottom of the screen!