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Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Yes, we ship all over the world!

(You may just have to pay a pretty penny if you live far away from North America and Europe.)

Our HQ is in Guelph, ON, but orders ship from Mississauga, ON, Canada. Karen and Bev (the team that runs our 3PL) are responsible for shipping all Carmico orders. They are angels and they care just as much as we do about your orders. 💖

For sure! We've created this Size Guide page to help you find your perfect fit. Size guides are accurate to the garment's actual measurements. We always recommend checking the size charts before making a purchase, even if you're familiar with sizes for our products. Cuts and styles change all the time.

If you're ever unsure, feel free to email us for advice from one of our friendly customer service staff! ⭐

All of our products have simplified care information in their listings!

In general, you can follow these steps to keep all of your clothes and accessories looking new for longer:

Know when to wash

Only wash if it smells, has sweat stains, or you spill something on it.

  • Avoid sweat stains by wearing undershirts you don’t care about
  • Avoid smells by wearing only during low energy activities and avoiding use in an active kitchen


Wash on a delicate cycle in cool water with like colours and materials.

  • Washing delicate fabrics with rugged fabrics can damage the more delicate fabrics

Use fabric softener.

  • It acts like a moisturizer, reducing friction during the wash and wrinkles post wash

DO NOT bleach and avoid heavy detergents where possible.

  • Bleach only works for solid whites but can also cause them to yellow


Hang dry everything except knitwear. Knitwear will stretch and sag if hung so flat lay instead. It’s better for your clothes, the environment, and your wallet!

We recommend avoiding drying machines but if you decide to tumble dry, do so with low heat only and use dryer balls.

  • Dryer balls are basically the fabric softener equivalent for the drying cycle
  • If you don't have dryer balls you can use dryer sheets instead

Dry immediately after washing to prevent wrinkles and bad smells.

Oh dear! Sorry that your size didn't work out for you. 😔

Head to our return portal to get started on your return. You can also request an exchange through the return portal.

If you need more information about returns and refunds, review our Refund Policy.

If you purchased Route Protection and you suspect the package was damaged in transit, reach out to Route directly and they'll have another order ready for you in minutes.

Otherwise, please send us an email with photos of the damage and any context you think may be helpful.

If you need more information about returns and refunds, review our Refund Policy.

Look for the "Notify Me" box under the variant options on the product page. Enter your email if you want to be notified when the product restocks.

Additionally, all restocks are announced on our socials. Join our Mailing List. You can find it in the bottom right corner of this page's footer; look for "Let's Keep In Touch".

We do! We had some trouble with PayPal withholding funds on pre-orders since their policies explicitly forbid PayPal as a payment method for pre-ordered items with expected delivery times over 21 days.

If PayPal is disabled, you may be trying to use it during a pre-order in which case, you'll have no luck. If not, send us a message! We may have forgotten to turn it back on. 😅

If you plan on returning any of your items, make sure to keep the original packaging for your return.

Otherwise, all black mailers are fully compostable (including the transparent seal)! Throw them into your compost bin worry-free. For cardboard boxes and paper envelopes, recycle them with your other paper waste or reuse them!

While we appreciate your love for Carmico pattern designs, there are many reasons why it doesn't make sense for us to add printed fabric to the growing list of Carmico goods. The three main reasons are:

  • it jeopardizes our relationship with our manufacturers
  • there isn't enough demand to justify ordering and stocking rolls of fabric
  • it would change the nature of our business (tax and legal stuff 🤕)

A few things could have happened:

You have a new address not yet in the postal system, the carrier lost your package, or the carrier delivered your package to the wrong address:
This is covered by shipping insurance! If you have Route Package Insurance, reach out to Route directly for a speedy solution.

You weren't home or available for delivery:
Couriers will re-attempt delivery a few times before marking a package as RTS. If this happens as a result of your absence, we can resend your order at your expense.

The address you provided at checkout was incomplete or incorrect:
We're sorry, but we must send you an invoice for additional shipping. Get in touch with us and we will send you an invoice with a charge based on your region's shipping rates to have the order redelivered.

If you live in a community building with multiple addresses:
Ask your neighbours, building adminstration, or concierge if they've seen your package. It's easy for packages to get misplaced in these situations.

If you purchased Route Insurance, contact Route directly and they will issue a quick replacement.

If your options with Route are limited, please contact us at hello@carmico.ca. Send us pictures of the damaged goods and the damaged package along with your order number.

No, sorry! Other than the business relationship we have with our shipping partners, we do not have any connection to the carriers and hold no power over their process. The Carmico team cannot make changes to information, reroute, or cancel shipments that are in transit.

We're all human over here (no robots allowed) and sometimes we make mistakes.

If your order contains a product you didn't order or is missing a product that you did order, contact our customer service team for a resolution. We can't expect our customers to return items they did not order so as a general rule, anything you get in your package you are entitled to keep.

If an item was sent to you in place of an item that you ordered, we will send the missing items to you in a new package, free of charge. We will be accountable for all of the mistakes that we make and will do our best to make things right.

If there is no other way to resolve the issue, we will issue a refund for the missing items.

Once you have submitted your return through our return portal, you will receive an automated email with instructions for preparing your return package.

Returns from Canada and the US take about 3-10 days to arrive at our warehouse, pending any customs updates or issues. You can track your return shipment using the tracking number provided on the label and in the return email.

Please allow at least two business days for returns to be processed and up to 5 business days for refunds to your credit card.

If your return still hasn't been processed after two days since delivery, contact us! We will open an investigation.

All of our items labelled final sale are yours once you have made the purchase. You may cancel your order on final sale items before your package ships or within one week of purchase, whichever comes first. After that, you're committed to ownership. We will not allow returns on final sale items under any circumstance.

Note about pet hair: pets are great, but some people are allergic! If a returned item has pet hair on it we must deny it to comply with health and safety regulations.

We expect that returned items are in a condition that the average customer would consider acceptable for purchase. It is reasonable for you to try on the item to ensure that it fits comfortably but excessive wear is risky. Items are not resalable if they are physically damaged (see the glossary definition for "damage" in our Refund Policy), show signs of use, or are labelled final sale at the time of purchase.

If you return an item that is not resalable, we will deny your return and provide options for you to recover your item(s).