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one-off; & kind


Our Philosophy

We believe that the foundation of integrity is mindfulness. We use mindfulness to provide the best possible experience to all parties involved in the lifestyle goods lifecycle. From raw material sourcing to the customer’s doorstep and beyond, we are constantly making improvements to reduce our negative impact, nurture our lovely community, and encourage harmless self-expression.

  • Values

    Our approach to business is a "means to employ" more than it is the traditional "means to make money". The making money part is necessary for employment, but the shift in priority makes it so that we don't forsake our humanity for a few extra corporate bucks. This extends to our suppliers and third-parties. We tread-lightly everywhere we go.

    The second part of our tagline, "& kind", represents our mission to do little harm. We pride ourselves on our compassion and empathy. We firmly believe that the world will be a better place if we all do our part to be kind.

  • Inclusivity

    From exxtra small (2XS) to exxxxxxtra large (6XL), we believe everyone should have the opportunity to feel one-of-a-kind.

    We're proudly a woman and queer-owned business and believe in harmless self-expression of every kind. If it's good for you and doesn't hurt anyone else, you're welcome here.

  • Sustainability

    We do our best to source biodegradable materials and natural manufacturing processes (like dying) wherever possible. Non-biodegradable materials we use are on their way out, but it's an ongoing process. The apparel industry isn't equipped to facilitate sustainable solutions for smaller businesses.

    We use compostable (and re-usable) mailers and garment bags made from food waste gathered during the processing of corn.

    That way if our products or their packaging do end up in a landfill 🥺 they won't stay for long!

Our Origin

Born from a life long passion for art and design, our founder and designer Selina started creating at a young age. She started selling posters at Toronto FanExpo and ComicCon when she was 15 (2013). In the truest artist-entrepreneur fashion, local print shop posters became factory made accessories like pins and keychains. In 2019, she took one step further and (with the first ever Carmico brand sighting) launched a Kickstarter for the still-popular Comet Caps.

With moderate success, Selina seized her opportunity and put her degree in video games design on the back burner to focus on Carmico. She finished her degree but the success of Carmico pulled her into the fashion industry instead. The small but dedicated and growing community was so supportive and she never looked back!

A few more pre-orders and Carmico was off to the races. Her partner in crime and now in business, Aidan, provided support in smaller ways for Selina’s second Kickstarter. But when it came time for fulfillment, Selina knew it was no longer possible to handle the operation on her own.

Carmico incorporated in 2020 and Selina and Aidan with the help of some friends, turned Kickstarter success into a lasting brand.

Since then we’ve held six successful pre-orders and grown our operation to a five-person team. We’re connected with hundreds of thousands of people across social media platforms and have fulfilled tens of thousands of orders.

If you're reading this as a long time fan, thank you for your everlasting support. Otherwise, welcome to the club. We hope you love being a part of our humble community and enjoy the tasteful chaos.


But who are we?

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