As you may remember from our previous Tulip Bag blog post, our manufacturer estimated a 6 month lead time for the tulip bags arrived. We added on an extra month because nothing ever goes according to plan. 🙃
… Except for when you plan for things not going according to plan; then (sometimes) things go according to plan.
So according to plan, we should be starting fulfillment before November ends.
To plan! 😎
Assuming no customs, shipping, or other unforeseen issues, Tulip Bags should be arriving at our warehouse in the next few weeks. We’ve coordinated with our warehouse team to make sure they have the time and resources available when the product arrives, that way they can transition immediately into fulfillment.
Our warehouse team has blocked out the last week of November for Black Friday orders since all of their clients (including us) will be experiencing a spike in order volume. If the shipment arrives at the warehouse within their black out period for Black Friday, fulfillment will begin in the first week of December (slightly not according to plan, but still very close!)
We’ll post about any changes as they come up!
Please let us know if you have any questions regarding your pre-order. If you have changed your address since pre-ordering, please provide your updated address so we can ensure the safe delivery of your bags. We will provide an address update cut-off in the next blog post, posts on our socials, and in an email to our subscribers who pre-ordered the Tulip Bags. More info coming soon!
As always, thank you so much for your support.