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2023 Holiday Shipping Recommendations

2023 Holiday Shipping Recommendations

Hey friends!

Y’all showed up for Black Friday. We are endlessly appreciative of you for your support as usual.

We have some notes for those still looking to do some shopping in time for Christmas.

In case anybody missed their opportunity for a Black Friday deal, we’ve doubled our loyalty point earnings in celebration of the official launch of our rewards program, CarmiCoins. You may have seen it around, but we “soft launched” earlier this year to test out a few things before committing to the program.

Now is the perfect time to invest in your Carmico future while Christmas shopping! 💼🤝 Every (Canadian) dollar you spend will earn you 2 CarmiCoins. That’s 2% of your order in CarmiCoin returns. 🤪

But the real reason we’re here is to give you a heads up about our holiday shipping cut-offs. If you have more Christmas shopping to do, you’ll want to place your order on or before the days listed below, based on your shipping address region:

Region Cut-off
Ontario December 16th
Canada December 13th
US December 13th
Everywhere Else December 3rd

Make sure you use this chart to determine the region of your shipping address. For example, if you live in Canada or the US and want to order for a loved one overseas, make sure to place the order before December 3rd.

These are simply guidelines based on carrier-specific cut-offs and we do not guarantee that you will receive your order before Christmas. As with all things delivery-related, orders may be lost in transit or delayed.

Note about customs for orders outside of NA

Overseas customers take special note that if your order requires custom clearance, this will also delay the delivery of your order. Make sure you’re on the lookout for customs notifications and clear customs payments as soon as possible to ensure your order is delivered in time for Christmas Day!

Order notes, gifts, and special instructions

We’ve seen many notes coming in with your orders. Reading the notes is one of our favourite things to do because you say the sweetest things! Our warehouse team can also see the notes on the pick order printouts and often talk about how much they enjoy hearing from you. Just in case you’ve ever wondered if your kind words fell on deaf ears… blind eyes?

But we did want to mention that order notes to our warehouse team have limited uses. We use a third-party fulfillment company so there are limitations to how much they can modify an order.

If your address is difficult to locate, you can write a note for them to include on the label. Other special instructions cannot be processed (i.e. gift wrapping, holding orders, etc.)

The most common note we’ve noticed recently has been to not include the price of the items in the package. Rest assured, we do not include packing lists with our orders (to save paper) and since we’re mostly an e-commerce store, none of our products come tagged with prices.

Thanks so much for reading! We hope this helps you make informed decisions about your Christmas shopping and wishlist.

Wishing you a joyful holiday season!

The CarmiCrew

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