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Update #18: Fulfillment Begins!

Update #18: Fulfillment Begins!

(^Us, cheeky, confident, ready to get back to your scheduled programming now that this nightmare is over!)


Hey friends!

We have the best news imaginable! As mentioned in the last update, we had received two thirds of the total shipment: enough to comfortably lock down addresses as we waited for the final shipment to arrive on Monday. The final shipment arrived at the end of the day on Monday and all of the paperwork was completed to ready the warehouse system.

We really can’t believe after all this time that we’d go from no bags to fulfillment in such a short time but thanks to our hardworking warehouse crew we’ve already fulfilled about 1/4 of the orders! The majority of the pre-orders will be shipped before the end of the week if they keep up the pace but they do have other clients who may have needs this week as well.

Some of you (mainly Ontarians) may receive your bag by the end of the week. 🥳

As mentioned in the last update, addresses locked in at 5pm EST on Monday. This was the last moment that address updates were guaranteed.

If you haven’t changed your address yet, you may send us an email but there are absolutely no guarantees that your address can be changed as are now past the address change cutoff. Many of the orders are already packed and cannot be changed once they are ready to ship. Please understand that your order may be packed with a label and buried under hundreds of other orders. It’s quite literally like finding a needle in a haystack at this point. However, we may have time to make the change if your order has not been packed yet. Act quick!

From the bottom of our hearts, we can’t thank you enough for your patience through all of this. We’re sorry that this was some of your first experience with Carmico but hope to make it up to you in the coming weeks.

We’ll come back with an update once all pre-orders have been shipped to address any stragglers, missing tracking numbers, and other potential end of fulfillment issues. We're expecting fulfillment to be complete by February 9th.

Until next time,

The CarmiCrew




It’s been a while since we’ve posted on the blog. Here’s why you haven’t seen blog updates recently:

  • We solved a very complex hold on our goods imposed by an insidious actor in our supply chain.
  • We stopped blog posts and continued communications to pre-order customers via email because we wanted to maintain transparency about the situation without exposing our plans to any legal adversaries had our solution involved litigation.
  • Now that we have all of our goods, we can safely return to public posts as we've mitigated risk.

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