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Update #19: Nearing Completion and a Thank You

Update #19: Nearing Completion and a Thank You

Hey friends!

We’re so happy to see all of you receiving your orders and joy it has been bringing you all to finally have your bags!

As of writing this blog, half of the orders have already been delivered with the remaining majority in transit. If you’re still waiting on tracking updates, less than 10% of orders have yet to be packed but they should be on their way to you early next week! 🎉

As our pre-order customers helped fund this project and endured the bumpy ride with incredible patience, it is most important to us that we leave enough time for all orders to deliver and to address any concerns regarding pre-orders before we launch a restock.

We have a little bonus for you pre-orderers at the end of this blog but for the sake of flow and to not lose everyone else in tutorial tedium, we’ll cover expectations for the remaining updates and eventual restock first.

There are many of you who didn’t pre-order but are keeping an eye on these blogs with hopes for the eventual restock. Right now we are planning the restock in late March to early April with our Sugar & Spice launch but may push the restock forward if the pre-order is fully complete and all pre-order customers’ issues are addressed post-delivery.

We have two more updates planned before the pre-order will be considered “complete”. The first update will go out once all orders are fulfilled and in transit. This will be an opportunity for anyone to resolve tracking issues like missing or incorrect tracking information. The second update will go out once all orders have been delivered. The majority of our deliveries take 2-5 business days in North America but some distant countries can take a few weeks. We expect all orders to be delivered before the end of February but will not send an update until we have evidence that all orders have been delivered. The update will be a reminder to reach out to us with any pre-order issues so we can resolve them before we start considering the restock.

Thanks for tuning in!

Until next time,

—The CarmiCrew




We were hoping to send this out with our fulfillment complete update but wanted to get these coins in your pocket before our launch tonight, so here we are! We're launching today (Friday February 9th) at 8 pm EST. 

How to redeem

As mentioned in the email, we’ve updated the balance on your Carmico rewards account. You can exchange your Carmicoins for an order discount at 100 coins per $1. If you’re not sure how to access your rewards, you may still need to set up an account.

Start by opening the rewards widget at the bottom left of your screen.

Sign in or create an account. You can use your Shop App login if you don’t remember your password by entering your email. Shop will prompt you for a verification method.

To sign up, click “Join Now”. You will be redirected to Carmico’s account creation page. Fill in the info and head to your email to verify your account. Once you have an account, head back to the rewards widget and sign in.

Once signed in, you’ll see your CarmiCoins balance and an option to redeem your CarmiCoins. Click Redeem.

Set the amount that you wish to redeem then click Redeem again to receive a discount code for your entire cart.


Important Notes

  • Clicking Apply to Cart won’t immediately show the discount but if you head to checkout you will see the code applied. Alternatively, you can copy the code and enter it manually.
  • Any unused codes will remain in your account for future use if you decide not to use it now or if your session expires.
  • You may not want to redeem all of your points in one go. The points are redeemed as an order discount so you will not get change if you use it for a purchase with a value less than your redemption amount.
    • For example, if you have $50 in points but only want to spend $40, redeem $40. Redeeming all $50 for a $40 purchase will result in $10 of wasted points.

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