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Moth Bags | March 2023

  • Update #22: Fly, Be Free!

    Update #22: Fly, Be Free!

    We’re now ready to open up a new chapter in the Carmico saga. The pre-order is officially over and the restock begins tonight at 8pm EST!
  • Update #21: Moth Bags Delivered!

    Update #21: Moth Bags Delivered!

    A very brief update about the delivery status of Moth Bag pre-orders. Make sure to address any issues before March 1st, 2024 before our restock!
  • Update #18: Fulfillment Begins!

    Update #18: Fulfillment Begins!

    (^Us, cheeky, confident, ready to get back to your scheduled programming now that this nightmare is over!)   Hey friends! We have the best news imaginable! As mentioned in the last update, we had received two thirds of the total...

  • Update #12: Moth Bag Drama

    Update #12: Moth Bag Drama

    We unfortunately don’t have the exciting news you are hoping for. We’re still working with the shipping company to arrange delivery but we’re here to explain why it’s taken so long. Buckle up—it’s a little wild.
  • Update #7: All Bags in Transit

    Update #7: All Bags in Transit

    Production is complete and all bags and patches are currently in transit to our shipping facility. Corduroy Bags and Moth Patches will arrive earlier than Shaped Bags so orders without Shaped Bags will be shipping in advance. We don’t have an exact date yet but you may receive a request to update your address sometime in September.

  • Update #6: Corduroy Bags on the Move!

    Update #6: Corduroy Bags on the Move!

    Corduroy Bags are all wrapped up and floating over to us now. We should receive all Corduroy Bags sometime in September. We'll be shipping orders that do not have Shaped Bags in order to reduce the load and warehouse space for our warehouse team.

    Production for Shaped Bags is in full force. Production is expected to finish in the next few weeks with the potential for Shaped Bags to be on boat before August ends.

    As with this update and the one before it, we have a scheduled message for the beginning of August and will send more detailed updates if any production-related delays occur.