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Moth Bags | March 2023

  • Update #12: Moth Bag Drama

    Update #12: Moth Bag Drama

    We unfortunately don’t have the exciting news you are hoping for. We’re still working with the shipping company to arrange delivery but we’re here to explain why it’s taken so long. Buckle up—it’s a little wild.
  • Update #11: Shaped Bags Landing and Corduroy Bag Recap

    Update #11: Shaped Bags Landing and Corduroy Bag Recap

    Shaped Bags have landed in Canada and have finished clearing customs. The shipping company delivering the Shaped Bags is scheduling a driver for delivery but we do not have a definitive date.

    Corduroy Bags are still in shipping limbo. The freight forwarding company has assured us that the shipment is in a shipping facility in North York, a short ride away from our warehouse. We’re just waiting for the driver to schedule a delivery time with our warehouse.

  • Flatlay of Rosy Maple | Corduroy Everyday Bag in pink with accessories

    Update #9: Corduroy Bag Delivery Delay

    An unfortunate delivery issue caused by the truck driver has delayed delivery of the Corduroy Moth Bags. We are working on a quick solution.