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Death's Head | Shaped Moth Bag

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"[The Death's Head Hawkmoth] is regarded not as the creation of a benevolent being, but the device of evil spirits—spirit enemies to man—conceived and fabricated in the dark [...] it extinguishes the light; foretelling war, pestilence, hunger, death to man and beast." (Harris, 1840)

And yet it's a herbivorous honey sucker and squeaks when threatened. 🍯🥹

The main compartment contains a padded pouch for separating special items like electronics and an in-lining, zippable interior pocket.

    • Features 🦋
    • Design
    • Shaped bag made of soft, vegan leather (PU)
    • Wear three ways: backpack, shoulder bag, crossbody, or fanny pack
    • Black straps
    • Dimensions
    • Maximum dimensions 16 x 9 x 2½”
    • Most usable space 8 x 7 x 2”
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    Two pull metal zipper for easy access from the top
    Gold metalized steel hardware
    Vegan leather exterior and straps, dyed cotton interior

    Care Guide

    Hand wash using a damp cloth and air dry Use a gentle brush and soapy water on fabric only

    DO NOT
    Wash in any kind of machine Apply heat Use soap or brushes to clean the leather

    Model Info

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews

    As backpacks they work great, they look funny as purses on the side due to how large they are.


    Personally just not a fan of the quality. The design looked cool, but when I finally recieved it I realized it was not worth the purchase in terms of materials and construction. Mine has alot of messy stitching and a really wonky zipper that hardly closes. I haven't contacted anyone from this business for help or anything, I'm just not interested in further engaging with this brand, ill just take this as an L for me. No hate or anything to the design for this business, I'm just kind of disillusioned after the huge wait.

    I would recommend getting this bag if you absolutely love the design, otherwise it may not be worth it.


    It’s so big!!! I’m super happy with it!!!

    Tammy (Oneonta, US)
    Cute idea, not happy with the execution.

    So I’m gonna preface this with the fact that I LOVE MOTHS. I preordered this bag so fast. I was so excited. But it took nearly a year to receive it so my excitement waned a bit. But once it finally arrived, I noticed some questionable things about the quality of this bag and also felt a bit mislead by the marketing. So in person this bag looks like a mouth full of teeth—to me, the photos just don’t convey how jarring this looks in person. Next, it arrived with a nick in the fabric and you can see multiple little spots of white thread poking out. Then let’s discuss how CHEAP this lining feels, and there just isn’t any usable function for the interior pocket. It’s spans the whole inside of one side of the bag, nothing is gonna stay put in there. And past, I thought this bag was convertible from back pack to shoulder bag, no it’s only convertible from back pack to CROSS BODY bag because the way the loops are positioned it’s wonky if you try to wear it as a shoulder bag. I’m just disappointed that I paid $95 (which it’s not lost on me that the leftovers were sold much lower at $79!) for something that feels and looks so cheap. I think one of the worst parts in all of this is that at no point during the whole preorder process were people even allowed to ask for a refund when there were delays. This shop offers no refunds on preorders EVEN IF WE NEVER WOULD HAVE RECEIVED THE PRODUCT—we were only gonna get store credit. Which is utterly ridiculous. I run my own small business so I get it to some extent, but I would NEVER deny people a refund if it turned out I couldn’t fulfill their order. Never. That feels predatory to me and definitely doesn’t make me confident in spending my money here. I would return the bag if I could, but I don’t want store credit. I want a refund. And that’s just clearly not going to happen. It’s a shame to be so disappointed.

    Hey Tammy,

    Thank you for your review. I can definitely see how some of your criticisms could be improved in the future. We take all feedback seriously and would love to make this right for you!

    I did notice that you haven’t reached out prior to this for any resolutions. As a small business owner yourself, I hope you understand the damage negative reviews can have.

    We’d love an opportunity to fix this issue within our policies. We offer free replacements on defective product in addition to the store credit you mentioned. We would love to try to fix this for you! 

    I also wanted to clarify a few things for anyone reading this review in the future as some of your assertions were not factual:
    - We sold pre-order bags at $95 CAD and the left over stock at $105 CAD. You probably purchased during the pre-order in CAD and now have the store set to USD. All of our preorders always have special pre-order prices. An understandable mistake!
    - Our refund policy is publicly available. The caveat for store credit on pre-orders only is not hidden, it’s right at the top in the summary table. We also laid everything out in our pre-launch blog which was linked in all pre-order listings and included it in a tl;dr to make sure all of the most important details were easily available. We do our best to make all of this info as readily available as possible. We’d love your feedback to make it more accessible if you missed it!
    - Extraneous circumstances put us in a position where we were unable to provide refunds to all customers because our shipment was held for ransom. We were forced to pay the ransom as it was the best of a slew of unfavourable options. Money from the pre-order was used to pay for the product so we didn’t have the full retail value needed for refunds stored away. It would be unfair to only provide refunds to some people and it would also have ended our business. Despite this, we looked into options for refunds in the case that we couldn’t recover the shipment as described in Update #16* where we said we would provide refunds once we received a refund from our supplier for non-delivery. We would never expect you to include this context in your review, but it is important to note the adversity we faced and our efforts to do our best through a terrible situation.

    (*Updates 13 to 17 were emailed directly to affected customers, not posted publicly because we discovered the blogs were being monitored by the company holding our goods. Being publicly transparent about our strategy to our customers as we were would detriment our legal advantage had we taken legal action.)

    I totally understand your frustrations, especially after waiting so long for the bag. If you could please reach out to hello@carmico.ca we'll try to work something out for you.

    Thanks again for your support, patience, and feedback!


    Bags were fantastic quality. Looked just as cute as they did in the pictures! And I like that they came with different strap options so you can carry them any way you like! Really great stuff!