Info Story

Founder & CEO


Designer, Illustrator and Local Plant Mom, Selina started Carmico in spring of 2019 after realizing her true passions lay in making lifestyle goods! She spends every day working to make things that make people like you smile!

Chief of Operations


Along with being an incredibly talented musician, Aidan is the definition of a jack of all trades. He brings his many knowledge bases to help Carmico thrive!

Creative Assistant


Maija acts as Selina's right hand with all creative endeavors here at Carmico! She's responsible for anything from planning photoshoots to helping with hand-made goods! She also manages all of our customer service e-mails!

Part Time Crew

We'd be nothing without the wonderful support of our part-time team! Brandur packs most of your orders and keeps the studio neat and organized. If you're following our social media accounts, you've probably seen Lily running the @carmicrew account, answering questions and keeping folks in the loop. As Carmico grows as a brand, so does our team!

Want to join the team?

Thank you so much for your interest in joining our team! We aren't hiring right now but keep an eye out for opportunities in the future!