Generic Care Instructions

Caring for Your Clothes

We recommend following these general rules to maintain any clothes you want to keep for a long time!

Only wash if it smells, has sweat stains, or you spill something on it.

  • Avoid sweat stains by wearing undershirts you don’t care about
  • Avoid smells by wearing only during low energy activities and avoiding use in an active kitchen

Wash on a delicate cycle in cool water with like colours and materials.

  • Washing delicate fabrics with rugged fabrics can damage the more delicate fabrics

Use fabric softener.

  • It acts like a moisturizer, reducing friction during the wash and wrinkles post wash

DO NOT bleach and avoid heavy detergents where possible.

  • Bleach only works for solid whites but can also cause them to yellow

Hang dry everything except knitwear. Knitwear will stretch and sag if hung so flat lay instead!

  • It’s better for your clothes, the environment, and your wallet

Use dryer balls.

  • Dryer balls are basically the fabric softener equivalent for the drying cycle
  • If you don't have dryer balls you can use dryer sheets instead

Dry immediately after washing to prevent wrinkles and bad smells.